We want to empower young women to live healthy lives filled with positive options and upward mobility... but we can't do it alone.

More than 7,600 girls in grades 7-12 drop out of school in Missouri and Kansas. Of Kansas City's families in poverty, 62.5% are female-headed, single parent households. Nearly 40% of Kansas City's children in poverty are overweight or obese. The majority of all adult mental health issues begin in adolescent years. How can they learn that there are options out there if we don't show them?

The After School Program

Our program is designed to enrich girls lives in mind, body and spirit. Expert social-workers help both middle-school and high-school girls.

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Meet the Executive Director

Mary Beth Gentry, Executive Director and Founder is committed to enriching these young women's lives and assisting them on their life journey.

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Culinary Academy

Our teaching lab allows students and their families the opportunity to learn important nutritional information

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