The Importance of Fitness – Meeting With Dr. Lisbon at Exhale Fitness

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The Importance of Fitness – Meeting With Dr. Lisbon at Exhale Fitness

What a lovely day to get some exercise…

To teach the girls about fitness, we decided to take them to speak with an expert. Hey, we broke a sweat while doing it too!

Last Wednesday, our girls spoke with Dr. Lisbon at her newly established Exhale Fitness Studio where we learned a lot! Anna Gandara reflects on the experience saying, “I thought Exhale was a great experience and I enjoyed how she shared her life with us.”

MentorWorkoutCertainly one of the highlights for the girls was getting to work with martial arts expert, Bilal Furqa who led the girls in a rigorous 20 minute workout. Mackenzie remarked that, “Bilal was a great teacher and pushed us to do a great work out.”

While the experience was difficult, it helped demonstrate several important lessons about physical activity and good health. The experience very revealing to the girls. Jachai Hill said, “My Experience at Exhale was absolutely amazing. Even though I’m not a big fan of workouts, it still had a great impact on me. I started to realize that I am 100% out of shape and I didn’t think it was that bad. Being that I have a lot of health issues, the last thing I need is to be out of shape and making my problems worse. When we left it got me thinking that I needed to change and do something different because I’m not comfortable with myself and I know if I get back in shape it will help a lot on my self esteem. So Exhale wasn’t just a group visit but it was a great experience for me as a person.”


Dr. Lisbon discussed a wide range of topics such as the importance of proper breathing, the positive way that sunlight and walking affect the mind, exercise as a community and group, and even helped the girls understand what a food desert is.