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“Jade’s” parents were drug addicts who drifted in and out of her life until her grandmother adopted her at the age of four. Often, thoughts of what she might have become had her parents raised her, haunted Jade. Other people told her she was a failure and would turn out the same as her parents. She struggled with low self-esteem and depression until she was ready to give up on life and all the people in it.


Around this same time, as a middle school student, she heard of YOUNG WOMEN ON THE MOVE, a program that helped girls who wanted to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others. At first, Jade was skeptical: how could one program change a person so much? But as she experienced the love and encouragement of YWOM mentors, she realized this place seemed like a real home where she could be better and plan for a hopeful future.


In an English paper Jade wrote her senior year, she said, “My thoughts used to be that jumping someone, partying your life away, or making fun of someone was no big deal. Now when I see or hear about things like that, I think of how I’m better than that. I’m more positive and successful thanks to YOUNG WOMEN ON THE MOVE. I will graduate high school and college never forgetting who I became and the footsteps I left for other people to follow. My goal is to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Student Testimonials


“YOUNG WOMEN ON THE MOVE has made me a better person because they have helped me become a respectful person. They always told me I have to respect myself in order for others to respect me. Thank you for helping more girls learn how to respect themselves.”


“I like YOUNG WOMEN ON THE MOVE because I know everyone cares for me. We can share our problems with each other and the staff. We are there for each other.”


“I joined YOUNG WOMEN ON THE MOVE because I want to be somebody!


“This year YWOM has changed my mindset a lot and given me a better and more positive attitude.”


“YWOM has taught me a lot about self-confidence and even though I haven’t reached my full maturity, I know how to handle certain situations.”


“I feel YWOM has made me a better person because it helps me think through things.”