Help us continue to empower young women to live healthy lives in mind, body, and spirit. Be assured that your gift will be used to directly impact the lives of underserved young women. Your generosity will help us:


  • Provide comprehensive life skills training and development
  • Develop a model curriculum
  • Purchase essential program supplies
  • Fund cultural, academic and career exploration field trips
  • Recruit and retain quality staff and volunteers


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YWOM Champions Program

The all-new Champions Program allows you to sign up for a one-year membership to support YWOM and receive great benefits.


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Corporate Champions Program

Join with your company to become a YWOM Corporate Champion!


  • Supporter: $1,000
  • Sustainer: $5,000
  • Benefactor: $10,000


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In-Kind Donations

YWOM depends on in-kind donations to continue its operations:


  • Computers, cameras, and related technology for the girls and staff
  • Small gifts to use in rewards store for the girls
  • Snacks and beverages for weekly meetings
  • Office supplies
  • Scrapbook materials for student portfolios
  • Exercise and fitness supplies
  • Etc.


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Donations of Valuable Items


You can now donate valuable items to YWOM, too! Donate your valuables to the YWOM cause through iDonate and get a tax deduction for the full value of your goods. You get get a tax deduction for getting rid of the unused goods that still have value cluttering up your house (or your driveway or back yard), and help girls in the YWOM program at the same time. Everybody wins! Just some of the valuable you can donate:


  • Cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles and other vehicles
  • Jewelry, antiques and collectables
  • Technology such as cell phones, computers and laptops
  • Industrial equipment like trucks, tractors, machinery and fixtures


Donate Today!

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