Champions FAQs

CHAMPIONS Membership Program — FAQs


What is the YWOM Champion’s program?

Champions is a membership program designed to allow friends of Young Women on the Move to stay updated about YWOM while receiving benefits such as event invitations and special recognition. The program also provides consistent funding to support YWOM and the girls we serve.


How do I join?

Pay for your membership by visiting the “Donate” page on YWOM’s website and select any of the Champions Donation options. You can pay for your membership in a one-time gift or in monthly payments over the next year. You can also select which level you wish to give at, from $300-$5,000 a year.

Currently, we are not set up to generate email receipts, but we are still working on that. However, you will receive a letter from YWOM containing a tax receipt.


When will my payment be processed?

Typically, your payment will be processed the same day you make the donation. If you chose to give in monthly installments, your payments will be automatically deducted on the first of each new month. 


Can a business join Young Women on the Move’s Champions program?

Yes, YWOM has a Champions program specifically for businesses. Visit the YWOM Corporate Champions page for information about benefits and giving levels for companies. YWOM is committed to supporting and promoting our corporate champions just as these companies support our young women.


When I click on some of the donation links, I receive a warning about a potential invalid security certificate. Is it still safe to use this link?

NPC Secure, our credit card processing company, is a well-known national company. The site and donation link is still secure, but the security certificate isn’t displaying properly in that particular browser.


What do I receive?

Aside from the knowledge that you are helping restore hope to young women in our community, Champions of YWOM also receive the following during their one-year membership:

  • Invitations to YWOM events
  • Listing on YWOM Supporters web page
  • Recognition in Annual Report
  • Quarterly Champions E-Newsletter
  • Invitation to Champions Annual Meeting
To view a list of benefits for corporate champions, visit the corporate page here. 


What if I wish to give privately?

Want to keep your membership gift private? Contact us and we will remove your name from our website and list your gift as anonymous on the annual report. You can also note your preference in the comments box when you sign up for the Champions program.


When do I receive the Champions e-newsletters?

When you sign up for Champions, you’ll be automatically added to our quarterly Champions e-newsletter list. You will receive this newsletter for as long as you remain a member unless you decide to opt-out. You may opt-out by clicking “opt-out” at the bottom of your newsletter or by emailing us.

If you want to subscribe to the general YWOM e-newsletters that are mailed bi-weekly, you can subscribe here.


Can I invite friends to YWOM events?

Yes, you can invite as many friends as you wish to YWOM events. All invitations will have instructions for RSVPs and payment (if required). Simply follow these directions to register your guests. Reservations will be taken as long as there is room available.

The only event where you may have a limited number of guests is the Annual Meeting. However, the invitation will provide more details.


When does my membership expire?

YWOM Champions is a yearly membership program. It becomes active for one year on the day you purchase the membership. Your membership expires at the end of the month you signed up on the following year–for example, a membership purchased anytime in October 2012 will be active until October 31st, 2013

Before your membership expires, you will receive several notices to ask if you would like to renew your membership for the following year.


What is your privacy policy?

Young Women on the Move takes your privacy very seriously. Rest assured that we will never rent or sell your email address or information.


What if I have problems with my membership or have a question that is not answered here?

Contact us or call (913) 744-9139.